My name is Michael and I am a retired police officer who is available to look after your cat and home whilst you are away on holiday or on a business trip. So, instead of putting your cat into a cattery, call me and your cat can stay at home in safe and familiar surroundings.

What I Do:

I will visit your home before your trip so that I can meet your cat and, of course, to meet you, the owner. Whilst you are away I will make daily visits to feed and care for your cat; the idea is that your cat remains contented and not too unhappy that you have gone away. The initial assessment will cover items such as the type of food given, treats you may give your pet, will the cat be allowed in and out of the property, emergency contact details, vet details and anything else that is important to know whilst you are away.

Please note that I provide a home visiting service rather than living in your home.

Home Security:

I will always bring in your post and carry out a quick check to make sure your property is secure; I only go into rooms which you have left open but can check all the house if you would like me to. I often water plants (indoor and out) as long as there aren’t too many of them! I will also always make sure that your bins are not strewn about the pavement. Your keys will be stored by me, in alarmed premises and it will only be me who visits your home – I do not ask anyone else to carry out this role. Visits are discreet and I will not advertise the fact that you are away from home.


Prices start at £10 per visit for my regular areas (see below) and there is a small increase for parts of Barnet which are further away from where I live (N12) or where I do not usually visit. There is no charge for the assessment visit and the initial collection of keys. I do charge £5 to collect keys but this fee is waived for visits in excess of £30. I am happy to retain keys for future visits and many of my regular customers do leave their keys with me.

See below for details of pricing.

Rates –

  • 25th Dec & 1st Jan –  £20 a visit. Other Bank Holidays are £15 a visit.
  • £10 a visit at all other times.
  • £20 per hour in the very unlikely event of a visit to the vet

Payment by electronic bank transfer, Monzo, Revolut or cash and the full amount needs to be paid prior to my visits.

Cancellation Fees –

  • Less than 24hours notice = total fee payable
  • Less than a week = 50% of fee
  • 7 days to 30 days = 25% of fee
  • 30 days plus = 10%

Xmas/New Year period = total fee payable unless 2 months notice.

Areas Covered:

Primarily anywhere in Barnet Borough that I can reach in about 10 to 15  minutes from Tally Ho Corner (North Finchley) – all parts of Finchley (N2, N3,N12), Whetstone, New Barnet, East Barnet, High Barnet & Mill Hill. I do cover New Southgate (N11) and charge the same price.

I travel by motorbike. Within Barnet, motorcycles can park for free in most places and so there will usually be no extra car parking charges that some companies will bill you for.

About Me:

After retiring from the Metropolitan Police I decided I wanted to do something completely different;  I have always wanted to work for myself and vowed not to do anything police/security related, hence the move into cat caring. I have an enhanced DBS check and can provide references as well as proof of actually having been a police officer.

As well as having two cats at home, I have been caring for other people’s cats now for about  7 years and  have picked up a few tricks and techniques for looking after cats other than my own! My job is to try to replace you whilst you are absent; but ” I can never be replaced” I hear you say. Well, I’m only feeding them, clearing the litter etc and the cats know I’m a visitor; they’ll still love you when you return!


Please call me on 07790 277784 or WhatsApp  or email   copcatsitting@gmail.com   if you have any questions about the service or if you wish to book me.

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